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Doors and Security Risks: Follow these santee Locksmith Guidelines to Secure Your Main Property Access Points


When attempting to secure your residence from possible break-ins, you should always listen to the advice of a specialist. santee locksmith experts will give you these kinds of tips for free. Here are a few things that are essential if you are trying to protect your front door.


1) What to do if you have front wooden doors on your property

Usually, wooden doors are the most resistant to any break-in attempt, which doesn't mean that they are as secure as possible. Beside good quality material, you need to use proper locking mechanisms, santee locksmith pros say.

a) Don't even think about a Yale lock, or rim latch. These are the easiest to break.

b) The most appropriate lock protection comes from a 5 lever mortice deadlock mechanism. In the case of a break- in, though, any expert santee locksmith will tell you that insurers will be considering paying for damage, if you had such a lock on your door.

c) You may even consider fitting three locks to your front door. This santee locksmith trick will also serve as a visual help to keep thieves away. You may try a rim latch in the middle and two deadlocks installed.

d) Check your door hinges, make them secure, by using bolts and long screws. Our expert santee locksmith technicians can also help you with this task

e) You may also want to add extra security in the form of bars that should support the door frame on the side of the hinge.


2) What security measures to consider in the case of UPVC doors

• One thing you should know about these types of materials is that they are especially difficult to handle, if you are looking to fit additional locks and security systems. The first piece of advice santee locksmith will be offering about UPVC doors is to never attempt to fit spy holes, door chains or limiters or additional locks yourself, especially on this type of material. You can irreparably break the door, making it easier to break and a threat to residential security. And, of course, such an attempt will end up costing you more than simple UPVC door assistance from our santee locksmith professionals.

• Still, you will not be able to rely entirely on your UPVC door existing locking mechanism, so the first step would be to ask an expert to install a sash jammer mechanism, which can be used both for exterior and interior mechanisms. There are also other types of anti- snap locking cylinders that will be more efficient as protection against break-ins.


3) Other types of doors require specialist intervention

• Many people aren't really interested in the security their outside doors can offer, they tend to me more attracted of the aesthetic aspect of the door, so they would install sliding doors or French doors on visible access points of their property. There are many ways to secure these as well, santee locksmith experts explain, but you need to make sure you have professional assistance when doing so.

• For instance, a patio door will have a kind of multi- point system included. Make sure you ask your locksmith about these, and how to check if they are secure. Another important aspect that shouldn't be left unchecked for is the sliding mechanism of doors: are your doors easily lifted from the track? There are easy ways to prevent this.


Whatever type of door security you may choose, never attempt to install it on your own. Call our expert locksmith provider services Sharp Locksmith 24/7 and an expert will pay you a visit for a free assessment of your access points and security risks.