About Santee Locksmith


Fallacies in Santee Locksmith
If you see us at Santee Locksmith, turn away and don't come back!(??) These are bad practices and should not be repeated, except to tell the locksmith what they're doing is wrong. If you need to, report that particular locksmith to the authorities. There are laws in place for a reason! Santee Locksmith follows laws set out wherever they are to give you the best experience.


One major fallacy in locksmith is openly discussing the security or insecurity of locks in front of customers, even if they are the ones hiring Santee Locksmith to do the work. This is a confidentiality issue and Santee Locksmith doesn't like to break any confidentiality between their customers. It is also a safety issue, because someone could be in the Santee Locksmith storefront and overhear, causing a breech in security and they could possibly use that information against Santee Locksmith or other companies.


One big problem with Santee Locksmith and other locksmithing companies is that of full disclosure(??), do you or do you not expose all of the security problems and weaknesses to Santee Locksmith, or anyone else? Should there be secrets in the business? At Santee Locksmith, we think that the weakness should be fixed to the best of our abilities. The locksmith's at Santee Locksmith will not disclose your private information outside of the authorized staff, only at Santee Locksmith.


Unfortunately there is a black market in locksmithing. Some professionals (none of which you'd find at Santee Locksmith!) give out secret information to criminals, and sometimes criminals give out that information to professionals. This can be dangerous and is a dirty practice in locksmithing. If you've had experience with this in the past, contact the authorities, or us, Santee Locksmith so proper action can be taken. The dirty practice can do more harm than good, resulting in anything from broken locks to security violations.

This will never happen at Santee Locksmith. Some locksmith's actually think it's a good idea to install a flawed system so that it breaks more often, bringing them more cash. Santee Locksmith would never do this and at Santee Locksmith our work is guaranteed. We won't charge you twice for the same project. Santee Locksmith takes pride in their work and will do what we can to satisfy you, the customer.