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A rogue locksmith could present as a business person or they could just do harmful things out of the way. There are no background checks while getting into locksmith as an apprentice, even though we at Santee Locksmith would like to change that. Given the information the apprentice company, Santee Locksmith gives out, the information put in the wrong hands could be very harmful. We, Santee Locksmith, don't believe in using the trade for bad or personal gain.


Some other examples are misleading customers and overcharging them for services. Santee Locksmith avoids this by having a non-negotiable price sheet. By non-negotiable, neither side can argue the price. It's worked out well for Santee Locksmith. Another scam is the locksmiths making the customer sign a blank invoice. Never do this, as they can now charge you with anything. Santee Locksmith will break down the invoice for you, if you need, to tell you exactly what services you're getting. Santee Locksmith cares about their customers, and their safety.